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PI Event Frames Interface Manager crash unhandled exception

Question asked by wclvijver on Aug 11, 2020

After installation GEIB Interface on W2016 and trying to add an interface the PI EFIM (Event Frames Manager) tool crashes with error:

An unhandeled expection occured: Object reference not set ti an instance of an object.

In the %ProgramData%OSISoft\Interface\GEIB folder a file "PIGEIBx.ini" has been created, its besides some comments the file is empty. Restarting the PI EFIM tool doesn't show on interface created however trying to add an interface for the second time with same ID, isn't possible. The tool reports interface is already used, after deleting the "PIGEIBx.ini" file the tool doesn't report back the use of the interface ID but tool still crashes.