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Interface OPC DA, Pooling configuration

Question asked by DanielGil on Aug 11, 2020

Hello All,


I have the next topology:

OPC Server (MarkVIe, CImplicity) <---> PI OPC Client <---> PI to PI Interface

Where OPC Server and PI OPC Client runs in the same computer.


According with the manual "PI_OPCInt_2.6.18.2.pdf", page 32, "Advise points", "Event points" and "Polled points" are received asynchronously by the interface. However, I do not know if it were possible to configure PI OPC Client, PI points or PI to PI interface to define a pooling way access mode.


I would need configure the "PI Points" or the "PI OPC Client" interface in some manner to update the values to the PI to PI interface with an update rate at least one time per minute. Even, when "OPC Server" do not refresh the values with that frequent, as for example, when values do not change in a period of time upper to one minute because it is constant or stable.