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Time Rule Configuration in Analysis Instantiated from Template Does not Match Template

Question asked by RickSmithJr on Aug 12, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2020 by sraposo

We ran into this problem while migrating an AF configuration from our development environment to production. The configuration instantiates 12 elements from the same template. The template has 10 analysis and two of these are event frames... 


We installed all the templates, tables and enumerated sets before using the table below to create the actual elements

Once we had all the elements configured and collecting data, it was time to back-fill data... Everything went great until we backfilled the event frames which were taking forever... I had seen a similar problem before when the "Trigger On" configuration changed from one input to all inputs on the event frame... We stopped the backfill and reset the analysis to the the template the the "Trigger On" inputs changed to the proper configuration... We restarted the backfill and completed in the expected time...


Another PI AF implementer and I have seen this problem before and assumed we accidentally touched something to cause the change... This time we knew we had not caused the problem because we just created the template hours before in production... I had recently discovered how to reset attributes to the template configuration (another bug-a-boo we run into periodically) and wondered if we could use something similar for analysis time rule configuration...


I simulated the problem on our development server and found I could see the time rule not matching the template (column L in the snip-it below). but could not find a way to reset to template like we could for attributes.


1. Does anyone know why the TimeRuleConfigString sometimes (very rarely) sets all inputs as triggers?

2. Know a PI Builder way to reset the TimeRuleConfigString to the template?


thanks in advance