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RDBMS calling stored procedure with group distribution

Question asked by helbigm on Aug 13, 2020

Hi all,


We are facing a problem combining group distribution in combination with calling a stored procdure with parameter. We try to use placeholders to exceute the stored procedure remote.


The testsetup is like this:

- Reply of the procedure

- Tag Configuration

- RDBMS Version 3.23.10

- Connection via ODBC to MSSQL established

- SQL Statement "File.sql" in instrument tag:

{CALL [XXX].[dbo].[sp_storedprocedure ](1)};


We tried to use Exdesc like P1="test_parameter" but get this warning:

"Warning, Point - a : recognized as a GROUP_MEMBER tag.W"


The we tried to relace 1 with ? in the call, but get this warning:

"Warning, Point - a : bindParam () : [S] [42000]: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The database name component of the object qualifier must be the name of the current database."


Does anyone have an idea, how to solve this?


Best regards and thank you!