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New Years Resolutions for the PI Geek

Discussion created by Robert Raesemann on Dec 13, 2012
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It is that time of year, and I've been giving some thought to goals that I should set to become a better PI Geek in 2013. I'm interested in the thoughts and ideas of other vCampus members, so please chip in.

  1. Powershell for PI - I started using using Powershell in one of my projects where I have to deploy updates to a Windows service that I developed to 7 servers. Going to each server to stop the service, copy the new files, and then restart the service took forever. I developed a script that I can run from one machine that stops the service on each machine, copies all of the new files, and then restarts. This has been great because it only takes a few minutes to deploy an update. I haven't really spent much time with the Powershell for PI. I'm going to make a resolution to  actively seek out opportunities to script and automate things using Powershell. No self-respecting PI Geek should ever be caught clicking through a GUI to do a bunch of repetitive tasks that can be automated.
  2. Security - The Hackathon really inspired me to spend some more time thinking about how I prepare myself to build secure systems and troubleshoot issues. I know what ARP cache poisoning is, but I had never actually experienced it. When our system was attacked using this technique, it did not occur to me what had happened. Knowing conceptually about something and actually experiencing it are two different things. The lesson that I learned from the Hackathon is that it is important to have this type of hands-on, real-time challenge. I'm going to seek out opportunities to participate in these types of challenges and encourage my clients to do the same.
  3. LINQ - I really spend a good bit of time learning LINQ this year. It has been pretty powerful and I'm getting better at the functional approach, but I still don't feel like I'm really good at it yet. LINQ doesn't necessarily apply directly to PI, but I think that it is a good tool/skill to be developing, and I'm going to resolve to keep building this skill base.
  4. REST and oData - Last year, one of my goals was to learn to program for the iPad. I ended up doing a lot of work in the Web Services/SOAP area trying to get PI data to the iPad using PI Web Services. SOAP isn't the easiest thing to do on the iPad, certainly not like it is with C# and Visual Studio. I also built some REST services using WCF, but there is always more to learn. This will be another area of study. I was excited in Steve Pilon's session about REST that I will have the opportunity to combine items 3&4. Hey Steve, hurry up and get a beta posted on vCampus.
That's all i have right now. Anybody have any other thoughts or suggestions.