PI Connector Create INI file for XML files

Discussion created by Terpstrj on Aug 13, 2020
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  Hi all,


I hope somebody could point me in the right direction as I'm on hold already for a few days.

I am trying to write an INI file for a PI connector to read an XML file and create PI points.

This issue I have is that I cannot combine fields together to one string PI tag.

See attachment for current INI file (work in progress). I basically works but I only creates the tags with userinfo without the other info added. Basically I want to readout all information between <AuditTrailItem> * </AuditTrailItem> and combine it to one PI string tag. like example below 


StoreInPI("BOX_Audit8", , Timestamp, User + "|" + Type  + "|" + ACTION  + "|" +  DETAIL  + "|" + COMMENT)


Part of the XML file  (lines separated by chr(10))


'<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
'<FlowstarData SerialNumber="06401144" Version="2.2d" Checksum="JDnYJ+06kzeajoDS+4ZAqQ==">
' <AuditTrailItem>
' <Timestamp>4/Jul/2019 06:59:55</Timestamp>
' <User>Administrator</User>
' <Type>other</Type>
' <Action>Successful login</Action>
' <Detail>Administrator</Detail>
' </AuditTrailItem>
' <AuditTrailItem>
' <Timestamp>4/Jul/2019 07:35:09</Timestamp>
' <User>Administrator</User>
' <Type>setting</Type>
' <Action>Setting changed</Action>
' <Detail>Flowstar IV extension</Detail>
' <Comment>No</Comment>
' </AuditTrailItem>


Any Idea's would be very helpful.




Jorgen Terpstra