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PI Connector for OPC UA

Question asked by Sumra on Aug 19, 2020
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Can PI Connector for OPC UA ( subscribe OPC Items (NodeIds) which are already been polled by PI OPC Interface?

We have a Production PI OPC Interface (DA) polling data from OPC Items (Sever is OPC UA Server) and pushing data to Prod PI Server. I determined the NodeIds for these OPC Items and used them in a .CSV Config file for PI Connector to push the subscribe data to the existing PI Point (removed the "OPC_UA" in PIPointPrefixConfig.Json") in the Test PI Server. However I noticed that the PI Connector doesn't create any AF Tags nor it updated the Data in the existing PI Points. The Message Log indicate that it frequently changes states from 'Connected' to the below errors.

1) ConnectionWarningWatchdogTimeout.

2) ConnectionErrorClientReconnect.