New vCampus PI Server license

Discussion created by Gregor on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by Robert Raesemann

Effective Friday, December 7th 2012 the content of the machine specific vCampus PI Server Development License has changed.


Q.   What is the change exactly?


A.   We have added support for PI Events Frames Generator and PI MCN Health Monitor Interfaces:

  • PI Interface for Performance Monitor
  • PI Interface for SNMP
  • PI Interface for PING
  • PI Interface for TCP Response



Q.   Why are we doing this?


A.   Together with PI Server 2012, OSIsoft introduces PI Event Frames Generator; a kind of interface to automatically generate Event Frames in PI AF. A change of the license content was necessary to allow PI Event Frames Generator to be used with the vCampus PI Server. At the same time we have added support for PI MCN Health Monitor interfaces to be used with the vCampus PI Server.




Q.   Who is affected?


A.   vCampus subscribers that plan to use PI Event Frames Generator or one or all interfaces belonging to the PI MCN Health Monitor (see list above) with the vCampus PI Server.




Q.   What do I need to do to get a new license file?


A.   You need to generate yourself a new machine specific license file at any time convenient for you:

  • Create a new machine signature file. Even you are not aware that you’ve changed your hardware, we recommend creating a new signature file to achieve the best possible license file match. MSFWinGen.exe (available in vCampus Download Center) can be used but with an existing installation the recommendation is to use pidiag.exe (pidiag -host -file <PathAndFilename>.MSF).
  • Sign in to vCampus, go to the Download Center and click the Link to MLA. Upload your machine signature file (MSF), generate and download the new license file.
  • Copy the license file to the PI\Dat folder of your vCampus PI Server installation. PI License Manager will pick it up within 15 minutes; there is no need to restart any PI Subsystem service.

If you encounter any issues creating a subsequent activation of your vCampus license file please use the web form to contact OSIsoft Tech Support with the following reason: New vCampus License requires subsequent activation.


We have also placed a new vCampus 30 days temporary license file in vCampus Download Center today (13-Dec-2012) that allow PI Event Frames Generator and / or PI MCN Health Monitor interfaces to be used with the vCampus PI Server.