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Getting rendered text in DOM from double curly brace expressions

Question asked by mettodev on Aug 20, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2020 by James Devine

I'm working on testing custom symbols in PI VIsion 2019 with TimeSeries data shapes. I was successfully able to show an array of data in the template.html file using the onDataUpdate function from the .js file and the double brace expressions, e.g., {{value}}. When I try to access the rendered text of the double brace expression from the .js file like document.getElementById("value").innerText, it returns {{value}} and not the rendered text that shows in the page. However, when I enter document.getElementById("value").innerText into the browser developer console, it returns the rendered text I want to access. Is there a way to force the value out of the {{value}} expression within the custom symbol's template.html or .js file?