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Why won't PI Datalink recognize the date/time when using the =NOW() formula

Question asked by DShannon on Aug 27, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2020 by James Devine

When using PI Datalink, I have been trying to use the =NOW()-TIME(0,0,30) formula for time.  When I use this formula, all cells return "No Data" where PI Datalink should be pulling data in.  When I change the formula to a typed-in date and time, the data comes in as it should.  I even tried *-30s as the time and it works.  However, I'd like the spreadsheet to display the date and time rather than the *-30s.  Anyone know why this won't work?


Date and time physically typed into the cell and the data comes in


Date and time entered as the =NOW()-TIME(0,0,30) and the data will not come in.


Entered as the *-30s formula and the data comes in but the date/time are not displayed.