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Smarter way to run a general status checker

Question asked by hazirulz on Aug 26, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2020 by Roger Palmen

Hi everyone,
So basically I have a set of attributes inside a template which hold the value of either "Inactive" or "Operated".
I was wondering if there is a smarter way to check the value of each attribute in the template and make some sort of 'flag' attribute to indicate that some of the attributes have "Operated" value.

Currently, I am using this approach, which has a long list of variables in my analysis template; one for each attribute existed in the template. Note that not all the assets have the signal for each attribute in the template.
At the end of the list of variable, I made the summation for all the variable, indicating that if the asset is operating normally (all the attributes sending "Inactive" value), the Status variable would bear 0 as its value. 
Please share your wisdom to me so that I can approach this matter in the smarter way.