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PI AF Delivery Format - Color coding attributes?

Question asked by gfmalek on Aug 31, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2020 by sraposo

We have created an AFDeliveryFormat for a PI AF notification rule.  We would like to send out a daily email with this format.  The body of the email contains references to attributes, but the problem is that we cannot figure out how to add color-code conditions to the attribute references.  We would like the attribute values inside the email to be green if above target, or red if below target, for example.


Please bear with me for the following, as I have very little experience with XML and related formats.


I exported the Delivery Format's Body property to Excel via PI Builder, and noticed that when I manually color-coded an attribute reference yellow, I got the following result:

<osiann:ANInlineContent ContentID="02bb2a93-34ec-4cfc-9624-c1fe5caf4287" ContentProperty="3005" PersistedContentName="A-Unit Bleached Tons daily" AdditionalData="" Foreground="#FFFFFF00" />


The "Foreground" property of this tag clearly describes the item's font color.  I know this approach might be foolish, but if I could substitute the given string with the value of say, a Formula attribute, that returns the appropriate string for green, red, etc., based on the attribute's relationship to target, then would it be possible to achieve the result I'm looking for?  Or if not, is what I'm trying to achieve possible by any other means?


Thanks for your help,