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AF High Availablity Options: Citrix Netscalar

Question asked by VasanthakumarR Champion on Aug 23, 2020

We are planning to improve the high availablity for PI AF Application, PI Analysis and PI Notifications service. Referred the KB Article High Availability (HA) options for PI Asset Framework (PI AF) and curious to know whether we can utilize Citrix netscaler for AF high availablity.

Note: Our current AF High Availablity is achived through Windows Failover Cluster. We have a ongoing issue with WFC, hence want to explore the other optio ns for AF services high availablity.


**We dont prefer to use NLB as it is only feasible for AF application service.


Apreciate your thoughts and comments.


AF Version: PI AF 2018 SP3

SQL Always On (3 Member Cluster)