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How to return resolved attribute configuration strings?

Question asked by gfmalek on Aug 26, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2020 by gfmalek

I am trying to create a program that pulls a list of all PIPoints referenced by attributes within an AFDatabase.  I have created an AFAttributeSearch object that finds all attributes with PluginName "PI Point", and use the method AFAttributeSearch.FindObjectFields("ConfigString", 0, 0) to return the configuration strings for all attributes with a PI Point Data Reference.  In most cases, the attribute configuration string gives the name of an attribute's referenced PI Point.


The returned configuration strings, however, do not resolve substitution parameters, which in some cases identify parts of the string name of the PIPoint referenced by an attribute.  As a result, when I export this list to a spreadsheet, some entries are not the true names of the referenced tags.


I have noticed that the Excel Add-In PI Builder does seem to resolve these substitution parameters.  Is there a way to get the AF SDK to do this as well?