Processbook VBA grouped symbols

Discussion created by mikeloria on Dec 14, 2012
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I have a set of objects/symbols that I wish to treat as a group and access in VBA. I have a button and 3 value symbols. I want to treat them as if they are in a container. When the button is pushed, I wish to be able to access in VBA the 3 values that are in the container with the button. The use case is that I have several buttons on a display that have related value symbols that when a button is clicked, I will get the respective values, get their tag, and display it on a trend.


I tried a gpccontainer and I made a rectangle "scriptable". I tried the group method but group does not appear to be able to be referenced in vba?


Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this dilema?


Specific Example


Say I have 10 buttons and each button has 3 value symbols that I wish to get their tag names and display on a trend. I want to use the same macro for each button so I want to relate the 3 values in acontainer or a group with the button.


Thank you so much