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Can't seem to get Extensibility to work

Question asked by JLReyes on Sep 3, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2020 by Roger Palmen

Hi all,


Long time lurker here and I think this might be my first post.


Right now I'm trying to get my PI Vision Extensibility to work since I'm trying to put a map embedded into a Vision Display. Having trouble getting the Custom Symbol to show though. I've tried it as well with a more basic "Hello World" symbol just in case I made a mistake with the implementation of my map symbol. No dice still. I'd appreciate the help! I'm attaching some relevant pictures


(What my PI Vision currently looks like, no new symbol on the left pane + where I'm keeping my files)


(Code for the Hello World symbol)


(Code for my map embed symbol)


I've followed these steps based on the youtube videos/extensibility guide 2019 pdf/looking in the forum


1. Enabling Debug behavior in .NET compilation

2. Setting compilation debug to true in the web.config file

3. iisreset via command prompt (iisreset /noforce)

4. Application Pool recycle for both the Admin & Service app of PI Vision


My PI Vision itself seems to be working fine and I'm able to create displays like normal but just can't get extensibility to work.


Maybe I just missed something though.


I'd appreciate any help.