PI Point Type Conversion

Discussion created by Sumanth.Artham on Sep 9, 2020

Hi All,


We have a query from our client about the Point Type Conversion like below.


Can a PI Point Point Type (and Attribute Value Type) be updated without impact existing data?


Our exiting point types are Float 32, String, Timestamp


As per my testing and knowledge if we convert any of the above type to digital type then we will be losing the previous data.

Also if we convert String tag to Float it will be same, like we will be seeing the previous values as Coercion Failed.


When I change Float to String, I could an additional "." is at the end of each value.


I know that the conversion of point types always creates problems to older data, but will there be any workaround or tuning parameter which will prevent this behavior? why because we use these tags in Event Frames(Batch context) as data references.


The only better option I am seeing here is re-creating the same tag with the appropriate point type but this will not address our complete problem, as the event frames are impacted with this change.


Let us know if anyone come across this kind of situation.