PIGETMSG PI Message Log Scripts with SPLUNK

Discussion created by omuiri166 on Sep 4, 2020

Hi Community.

Currently we are exporting PI Messages with the PI Get Message Utility (pigetmessage, pigetmsg.exe). It is configured to run with the task scheduler and gets messages from the current time minus an hour.


To make the script more robust and to accommodate server downtime.

I would like to save a date timestamp to a file that would signify when the script last ran successfully for that server (this time would mean that we have exported the pi messages up to this time).


Does the pigetmsg.exe offer a return code if it failed to connect to a server is so then we would not like to update our date timestamp in our file as we only want to update it when we get a successful execution of pigetmsg.exe


Has anyone else implemented such a work around?