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    AF 2012 SDK Documentation




      I've searched some time for documentation about new 2012 AF SDK, but i could find only 2010 documentation (for example in VCampus Lybrary the programming reference for AF SDK is 2010 R3 Vesrion I'm interested in finding some overview for the differences between 2012 AF SDK and previous versions. Also I've heard that there are now Rest Services reccomended for use for accessing AF from now on, so I want to know how to work with them...

      Please, I'll appreciate if somebody can tell me where to find documentation on the mentioned above topics.

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          Please download and install the PI AF Developer Tools 2012. The help file provides extensive documentation on the differences.

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              As Andreas pointed out, the AF SDK Programming Reference (available as part of the PI AF Developer Tools kit) highlights the new functionality; there's a What's New section at the beginning of the reference.


              Your other comment about REST web services caught my attention too. I'm sure not where you heard that REST services are recommended for accessing AF now (since we don't provide any at this point!), but I would be interested to hear what you would like to use them for. What are your use cases and would REST services be your preferred technology for these?

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                  Thank you Andreas, I'll check!


                  Hi, Steve, thank you! The information about REST services was provided from a collegue of mine, I'm not sure where he has got it from. According to the information these services are supposed to be used to access and modify data in AF along with/instead of the way AF SDK and they are preffered because they have better performance. So is there anything in this information which is true (I cannot believe if there isn't anything behind it)? I don't have any particular reason to need REST Services, just heard that this is reccomended technology for use with AF 2012.

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                      2 things regarding REST vs. AF SDK:


                      1. OSIsoft currently does not have a REST offering, so someone would have to build their own custom REST API to access AF from it.


                      2. AF SDK is the lowest-level programming interface to AF available to customers and partners, therefore an eventual REST API would be layered on top of it (or on top of something else that's most likely layered on top of it) - and that means the custom REST API would most likely be less efficient than doing raw AF SDK.