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Two-way value synchronization between static attribute and PI Point

Question asked by polspaul on Sep 9, 2020

I have a static AF attribute (Let's call it 'Country') with a child PI Point with the same name. 

I'm trying to setup a two way event-triggered synchronization of their values.


So for example when a new value is written to the static attribute I want the new value to also be synced to the child PI Point. This way is fairly simple to setup with PI Analyses.

Now I'm trying the same thing in the other direction: When the child PI Point value changes I want the new value to be synced to the parent static attribute. I know the static attribute will not have any historical data but that is OK in this case. I only care about the current value.

Is that possible to implement? So far I have not found a way that works. Ideally the synchronization only should happens when there are different values on static attribute and child Pi Point.


Maybe there's also another way to do this so any ideas are appreciated on this - thank you!!