Manipulating a DateTime variable in Pi UFL configuration file?

Discussion created by chungming on Sep 7, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2020 by gmichaud-verreault

My data set only contains Month and Year timestamps 
e.g. "20-Jan", "19-May"


My INI file reads the field by the following line

FIELD(2).FORMAT="yy-MMM", "Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec"


which reads the values correctly but it's be on day 0 of the month since no values is available for that

e.g. "00-Jun-2019 00:00:00.0000"


Is there a simple way for me to set the Day value in each DateTime variable to a default value (e.g. "1") without having to modify the input files? (so that I wouldn't need to modify the input for any future inputs as well)


Thank you.