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Enabling 'channels' for PiWeb

Question asked by mojo2go on Sep 8, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2020 by Steve Boyko

Hello, I am using Piwebapi 2019 version.

I'm investigating channels and I have three questions (in bold)...
... as a way to stream raw pi data to Microsoft Azure Datafactory or to Snowflake's SnowPipe.  It would be ideal if I could stream data from Pi in using AMQP or MQTT protocol, but I think there is no solution now for that.
So I am looking at the Websockets protocol, and I see that it is a Core Service.  Does 'Core Service' imply that it's already enabled?  If not,
1. where can I enable channels?


After that I will send a Socket connection request requires a WebID as part of the query string...
Channels (Core Services) 

...which I assume is not specific to the server, but is specific to a tag, whether it is for a point value, or a parent tag of multiple values.  Assuming that's true I don't know
2. how to find a tag's (resource's) webId.


3. Is it required to have a Pi-AF model in place if I am to use a channel to pull data from Pi?


A bit of background.  I want to not use PI-AF to model the data because I want data-science-oil-engineers to play with different ways of modeling the data in SnowFlake.  Eventually that process should yield accepted models that can be used to decide how best to model PI-AF.  I would like to pull a lot of tags...4000 or so.