Roger Palmen

PI UniInt Failover configuration - manual incorrect?

Discussion created by Roger Palmen on Sep 9, 2020

While double-checking a regular OPC-DA Interface Failover (UniInt Interface-failover) i found the LiveLibrary and the Manuals are incomplete. Both do not indicate the configuration of the Failover settings on the second/backup interface.


See the missing items e.g. here: where the manual stops after the configuration of the first node. 


In addition here:

it refers to the UFO point creation on both nodes while these only need to be created on 1 of the failover nodes.


And checking the UnitInt user guide  , page 36 also does not indicate this should be done on both interfaces.



The YouTube videos are correct though:

OSIsoft: Upgrade to UFO Failover Interfaces Full Walk-through - YouTube (older but better explanation)

and OSIsoft: PI Admin II Online Course- Implement & Test UniInt Failover on the PI Interface for OPC DA - YouTube  (newer)