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Query depth exceeded error in PI Vision

Question asked by TeoDG on Sep 16, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2020 by RameshReddyAlavala

Hi everyone,


I have an attribute A that receives its value from a Calculation in Anaylisis in PI AF. This calculation uses another attributes in its calculation (attribute B,C,D) that are also calculated at the same time in other Calculation in the same Analysis.

I don't receive any error in PI AF, so every attribute has their correct values. The problem is when I want to show this A attribute value in PI Vision I receive the value "NO DATA". However, I can show the values for B, C and D attributes in PI Vision.

My opinion about this error is PI Vision has limitations about the number of calculation levels, so if A depends on the result of B and B depends o the result of C... But I am not really sure about this.

I was looking for a similar question in this forum and I found this: 

Do I need to make changes in PI Vision server parameters? Isn't there any other change I could do in PI AF to solve this error?


Thank you for your help!