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Hardware System Sizing recommendations sheet - really needs update

Question asked by Roger Palmen on Sep 16, 2020

Hi all,


Whenever you get into performance issues, you get into the debate how the system has been sized. And the "Hardware and PI System Sizing Recommendations Spreadsheet" is always referred to as the resource to go to. 


But it really needs frequent updating... checking the small print, there is already a lot of outdated information e.g. on PI AF in the list.


The first one i stumble upon is the statement on Audit Trail is plainly wrong... and the same applies to many others.


SQL Server Requirements for PI AF Audit Trail Functionality
The PI AF Audit Trail feature requires SQL Server Enterprise edition for supported SQL Server versions of SQL Server 2014 and earlier. The PI AF Audit Trail feature is also supported in SQL Server 2016 (Windows Update or Microsoft KB 3164398 required), as well as SQL Server 2016 SP1 Enterprise or Standard Editions.



What is the status of this sheet? Is this still seen as authorative? Or is it free-for-all and find out the hard way? Why is there not a better alternative? How do you guys size a system properly?