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OPC UA Connector data conversion

Question asked by night2day on Sep 11, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2020 by night2day

Since today i coverting missmatching data using attributes squareroot/totalcode/convers with the opc da interface.

Now we mirate to opc ua connector. Ist there a embeded function implement the same functionality? I guess convert to classic pointclass and set the attributes woll not work bacause the attributes functions are handled inside the opc da interface. Second problem ist to get an tagtype missmatch between source datatype and tagdatatype so opc ua connector will refuse using this tags. I want to avoid to implement a sourcetag pe or af calculation chain to convert this values because of wasting tags.


Example, some 'nice' S7 programmer using integer adresse types for float values and let the consumer devide the values to the right ones.