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UpdateValues - Compression Settings

Question asked by NilayN on Sep 16, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2020 by NilayN

Hi All,


I have recently written AFSDK based code to updatevalues in PI tags. I am inserting historical data (There is no current data - only PtCreated) and the values are being updated correctly however, the compression settings are not being honoured. I have observed that all the data (even when there is no change in value) is being uploaded to PI tag.


AFSDK Call: UpdateValues(values, AFUpdateOption.Replace, AFBufferOption.BufferIfPossible)


PI Tag Details: 

Compressing - 1; Compdev - 0.01; Excdev - 0.005; Excmx - 10 min; CompMax - 8 Hrs.


I have checked PI logs and out of order data messages are not present. Any inputs on why the data is stored without compression would be helpful.