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PI Datalink 2017/2018 - installation GPO/configuration

Question asked by Pflynn on Sep 16, 2020
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I am working on creating some VDI workstations that will have PI Datalink on them. 

I have created the Win 10 image, and it's ready.

I was hoping to avoid configuring each user's profile individually but I get the popup about trusting the *vsto file, and none of the preferences are kept from the default profile.


examples :

- File - Options - Complements - Excel supplement and check Raplib and click on ok.
- File - Options - Formulas - Calculation mode: click on manual
- PI Datalink - Parameters: Check Independent regional parameters


Is there a more intelligent way to configure multiple users on the VDI stations without logging into each of the, via GPO or GPP?


Thanks for any/all assistance