PI Point only retains most recent value after multiple writes

Discussion created by seneschal on Sep 18, 2020
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I have 2 PI Servers, and one seems to be working correctly, and one is not.

Server 1 is version 3.4.380.36 - it has been around forever (10 years or something) and has worked in the past just fine, but this is the one not currently working. Its been dormant for a while.

Server 2 is version 3.4.430.460 - newly installed about a month ago using PI Server 2018 R3 installation kits.


The problem was originally noticed while running software calling "UpdateValues" function. But I have isolated the issue to exclude my software and can demonstrate it using PI SMT Archive Editor only.


I can demonstrate the problem by doing the following to both PI Servers. I create a point in Point Builder on both called "cantwrite" (all default properties), then in Archive Editor, add values with timestamps to each of them as follows:

1, *

2, *

3, *

-1, *-5m

I press the Save icon after adding each value. The screenshots show the result for both servers. One shows all the values I entered and the other only shows the most recent value.


Can anyone advise why this is happening? Or what I can check? PI Message Logs don't show anything relevant.