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X/Y Plot and Pump Curves

Question asked by jirvine on Sep 21, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2020 by skwan

I have a need to display a mostly static pump curve on an XY plot with live data running. I have followed to get static curves displayed using Feet of Head vs GPM. Now, my engineers have requested the display be in PSI vs BPH with the PSI reference curve be based off the static Feet of Head converted using live density.


Bascially, I want to take this table:



Bring that into an attribute and use the formula Y * Density / 2.31 and have it display a line on the XY Plot for a reference curve that adjusts when the density changes. When I try to do this in combination with the KB it will only display a single point since the density time stamp is a single time.


The want the reference curve to adjust based on the Density of the product as it could vary by as much at 100psi because of the density.


Has anyone else done this or have any suggestions?