Asset Framework (AF) Accelerator solution

Discussion created by lalit Champion on Sep 23, 2020

Hello All, 


I wanted to have a viewpoint on the Element Asset Framework Accelerator or AssetHub technology offered by Element or similar such offerings in the market. Unfortunately so far what I got was more on sales prospective and generic comments like element help PI AFs build in as little as 30 days and accelerate AF etc. I wanted to touch and know more use cases and challenges. I am trying to add few below points which I am trying to understand - 

  • Is it really a product or technology (Element/Asset hub) or more of specialized consulting or few system integrations capability? 
  • What was the experience if anyone has used the Element/Asset hub to build AF? Will be good if someone can share more detail about industry/domain detail with the use case? 
  • "AssetHub easily contextualizes additional metadata to build unlimited new AF hierarchies" (According to comment of Element). Is that solving purpose and giving values to business by having full of AF hierarchies?
  • Should we go use a case basis to deploy AF or we should go a technology basis to deploy AF? Should we have multiple databases or a single federal database for big enterprise? 
  • Any more such challenges with AF and Accelerator ? 


I know my customer and related challenges in this area and will add that letter in this discussion but first wanted to get more insight from the larger community and experience to understand both sides of the coins.