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Unsupported RDB column type -9, PI Interface for Relational Database (RDBMS via ODBC)

Question asked by Rob-van-Ginkel-Coop on Sep 23, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2020 by cramsey

I am using a SQLServer DB to get data into the PI Archive.

This is the query:


Select dtStartInterrupt, diOrdNr, 0
where szWorkPlaceNa = 'test' AND dtStartInterrupt > ? ORDER BY dtStartInterrupt ASC;


But i get this error:

Unsupported RDB column dtStartInterrupt type -9


The datatype of dtStartInterrupt is Datetime2


Am I right in thinking the datatype should changed from Datetime2 to Datetime, in oder for the PI_RDBMS interface,3.21.4, to work?