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EMDVB Interface error

Question asked by YUSUF.SYED on Sep 28, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2020 by YUSUF.SYED

Hi All,

I’ve EMDVB interface setup configured for DeltaV Batch. I got to add another Tag Templates to ini.configuration file to pull batches with unit name "X40*" and phase name "PH_TEST" as below. 


TAG[6].TRIGGER=[UNIT,value="X40*"][PHASE,value="PH_TEST*"][EVENT,value="Recipe Value"]


Saved the file and started the interface with history recovery to 3months. The interface started successfully but neither batch I was looking added nor the tags in PI got created for the template. I look into log file after starting the Interface logs, it throws an same error for multiple batches.

Example Log File Error

error " 9/27/2020 7:48:17.52812 PM, 0, Information, PIEMDVB3> 3> 1> Error: Skipping batch because archived database is not attached: database: <TEST_BatchArchive_1430> batch: <BatchID=22342v242, UniqueID=@S20200607_22342v242>, PIEMDVB, 10, , , 2844, , , deltavadmin, , , ,


Thank you, appreciated for your help.