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AF Child Attributes with "No Data" in PI VISION

Question asked by vlgmarchesini on Oct 2, 2020
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I created an element template with an attribute and a child attribute as PI POINTS, as seen in the picture below.


The PI Points rule formation is "\\%Server%\%@Tag%.v" for "Verificado and "\\%Server%\%@|TagLimite%" for "Verificado|lsu".

"Tag" and "TagLimite" are string attributes.

Everything is fine when I access those attributes from PI System Explorer or when I use Analysis. However, in PI VISION, intermittently, I get the message:


The substitution parameter %@|TagLimite% is not being recognized and it happens only with the child attributes.

I tried to set "TagLimite" as indexed and configuration item, but I have been getting this strange message from time to time neverthless.