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opctocsv tool

Question asked by mlath2 on Oct 1, 2020

Are there any later versions of the opctocsv tool ? (currently using 2013 version)

We are changing from yokogawa centum xl / centum 3000 to centum VP and the opctocsv tool keeps crashing with an error,

GetItemID("x") error 0xc0040007 The item ID is not defined in the server address space or no longer exists in the server address space.

(using Yokogawa.ExaOPCDACS1.1 OPC server connection)

The first tagname appears to be some weird character that looks like a square with a question mark in it.

Using the OPCClient tool and browsing the new VP branches, seems to be an error on all of them ie FCS0803 (Branches that point to other units still on the older systems do not show errors. ie FCS0603)

Are the tools now incompatible with later DCS systems ? (8 bit ascii / unicode ?)

Is this just an update required ?

Any other thoughts ?