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PI Vision are slow (5-10 minutes)

Question asked by srenyaan on Sep 30, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2020 by JimGavigan

PI Vision are slow (all display for all user) (5-10 minutes) for everyone if someone opening one page containing PI AF attribute (analysis output).


What/where should I check?

Here are some answer for below KB from tech support site.


KB for troubleshooting PI Vision Performance


  1. What versions of PI Vision, PI Web API, and PI AF Client are installed? Latest version
  2. What specific functionality or action is slow, and what is not slow? Questions like below are useful:
    1. Is the home page slow to load, or just displays? Home page and all display (Vision and PB migrated display)
    2. Are all displays slow to load, or just some? All
    3. When displays load slowly, does the longest period of "waiting" occur before or after you see the first symbol outlines appear on the display canvas? After symbol outlines appear on the display canvas
    4. Are displays with only PI Point data (added directly, not through AF attribute references) slow, or does the issue only occur when adding AF data sources? Occur when adding AF data sources
  3. If applicable, which network calls are slow to return? Gathering Browser Network Traces while reproducing the issue is excellent for answering this question.
  4. Does the issue happen for multiple browsers & multiple users? All browser and all users.
  5. Approximately how many users does this PI Vision instance serve? 140 users
  6. Is the issue accompanied by high CPU usage on the web server (i.e. sustained >90% utilization)? (PI Vision: CPU = 15%; AF: CPU = 27%)
  7. Is the issue temporarily improved by recycling app pools or resetting IIS? Yes, termporarily. Will occur right after the page containing AF data source are opened.