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PiVision Alarm Layout Panel Guidance

Question asked by oarreche on Sep 30, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2020 by armondelacruz

Hello everyone, hope you are all well!


I am looking for some guidance about this project I am developing. This is my first challenge at my internship, and I am in charge of coming up with a design/layout for industrial alarm supervision of this sector of a pharma industry using PiVision, then I want to put the display in a TV so the operators can check it (even from far away). I have attached an image that sums up the idea that I had so far (it is still very simple), the problem is that if two alarms of two different tanks go off at the same time I can't tell which alarm belongs to each tank (as in the image attached). So, I would like to know your suggestions, ideas, experiences.


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