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Is it possible to edit tag security in bulk periodically so that Data Archive doesn't get loaded

Question asked by Rhishabh.Singh on Oct 5, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2020 by Rhishabh.Singh

Hello PI Folks,

I have to edit the security settings of 100k pi tags,need to add an identity,Is it possible to edit these tags in bulk periodically so the data archive server doesn't get loaded.

For example -Edit 500/1000 tags and then wait 5 minutes or some amount of time ,post waiting ,edit next batch of tags and keep on doing so until all the 100k are edited.

Is it possible to edit the tags in bulk by keeping an eye on data archive's pending event count?

For example- Edit tags in batches of 500/1000 only when Data Archive's pending event count goes below some threshold.