Get a list of installed OSIsoft Products

Discussion created by chris.dumas on Dec 20, 2012
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I have a working PowerShell command that gets all of the OSIsoft installed products on a server using the Get-WMIObject but it takes a long time (between 3 and 5 minutes).  I've seen the same long processing times in both PowerShell v2 and v3.  I've even tested on my local Windows 7 laptop (omitting the -computername parameter) to ensure it isn't a network issue.

Get-WMIObject -class "Win32_Product" -namespace "root\CIMV2" -computername "MyRemoteServerName" | Where-Object -FilterScript {$_.Vendor -match "^OSIsoft?"} | Sort-Object Caption

Is there a faster way to collect this information?


Thanks in advance.