AF Formula Attribute String Concatenation

Discussion created by mikeloria on Dec 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2013 by JeffHopper

Is it possible to have an AF attribute that is a formula that can concatenate other attributes and literal strings. I would like to have an attribute that is a string message. An example is say we have a low limit and high limit attributes. I would like ot create an attribute such as "Value must be between x and y". I wouldlike to do this for 2 reasons:


1) Saves time in building from scratch in processbook


2) I need to read the attribute and store in a database. I have some elements that have just a high limit and some just a low limit so the concatenated attribute simplifies havin got decipher what type of boundaries exist.


My alternate option would be just to make a string literal but it would have to be manually maintained, everytime the limits are modified. I was looking for automatic to avoid mismatch.




Thank you