Event Frames, Analysis Rules and AFCases

Discussion created by JoelBrabant on Dec 21, 2012
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At the risk of sounding dumb, I must admit that I am really confused about EF, AR and AFCases and how to integrate them into a solution.


If I understand correctly, EF will store results into its attributes but not from its referenced elements attributes like an AFCase would do.


An AFCase will store its referenced elements attributes results but it doesn't have that additional attribute notion like the EF has...


AR is built around a model and generates AFCases but OSI tools will show Event Frames, not AFCases....


So if I want to generate Event Frames and store both EF Attributes and its Referenced Elements Attributes results, what approach should I take?


Is that the best way is to run an Analysis Rule from my code, generate an AFCase AND an associated Event Frame?




I told you I would sound dumb...and sorry for the bad english.