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Using MUI impacts the date format in PI System Explorer

Discussion created by Moshe Sabag on Oct 9, 2020
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Hi All,

OSISoft has just released PI Asset Framework (AF) 2018 SP3 Patch 3 with a few interesting fixes & features.

Unfortunately, in the newly released MUI Language Pack one very important fix has not been incorporated so I was wondering maybe someone in this forum had been experiencing the same issue and (hopefully) found some workaround to this bug...


Issue Description:

The required\local date format in our case is DD/MM/YYYY so all dates are to be presented in such format in all client applications. Due to a bug in the "PI Language Settings Tool" (PLST is installed with the MUI pack), once PLST is installed, the displayed date format in PI System explorer is forced to be MM/DD/YYYY... (see attached files with a visual example comparing PSE date format displayed with\without PLST installed)


So while we would very much like to have the MUI pack installed so to be able to translate GUI to German (for example for German speaking users), we cannot use this SW since it will force us to have an incorrect date format displayed in PI System explorer.

Side note: Back in April 2020, OSI Tech-Support identified this as a product issue but I'm not aware of any planned fix date at the moment...


In the newly released MUI Language Pack (SP3 Patch 3) the "Known Issues" section contains 2 items (briefly and vaguely described) not sure if these relate to the bug described above.... Hard to figure out what do they really mean ? Are these similar issues to the one I've described here ? 



Any information\ help \ advise will be appreciated.


Thanks !