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OPC UA Connector Start/Stop DataSource and then SelectionRuleMess

Question asked by night2day on Oct 8, 2020
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Hello Community,


i have to migrate a ton of devices from DA to UA and I am run in some poblems.

Since we can not start and stop single datasources it is necessary to add and remove

a big amount of selection rules if someting is going wrong and i had to switch back in a hurry.

This for itself nags but i recognise that also the selection rules seems to go to a mess because it don't

cleans up and many deselection rules be kept also when the is only maybe the DataSourceState

and ServerState left selected. Same seems to be in the createt AF structure. There where many entries with value 'Excluded'. This kann only be cleaned when I delete the wole datasource and the  AF entrys and add the datasource again.


I there a 'trick' how to disable a single datasource without deselect all the opcdata?


And can someone explain me the context of the created AF entries and the connector.

Are the configured tagnames are stored there? I ask because we renamed a datasource in the Collection Manager and

the AF entries was not synchronized to the new name. Dataflow was ok and Collection Manager shows green.

But as i startet the connection administration page this datasouce Shows a yellow exclamation mark.

This could only be fixed with deleting datasouce and AF-Entries and add the datasource again.