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Migrate Displays from PI Vision 2019 to 2020

Question asked by TomJWaterCare on Oct 12, 2020
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Is it possible to migrate PI Vision displays from v2019 to v2020 using PI Vision 2019 Display Utility?

Old environment has 2019 installed and new environment will be upgraded to 2020 soon. Just wondering if any displays from old server can be re-migrated after the upgrade (if required).


Vision 2020 documentation does say that:

The PI Vision 2020 Display Utility requires PI Vision 2020. When copying displays between servers, both the source and destination server must be the same version.

However, documentation also says that

Display Utility interacts with the PI Vision displays using web services.

Are these web services compatible? Has anyone tried this scenario yet?


What other options do we have to migrate displays from 2019 to 2020, if Display Utility doesn't allow the migration?