Sharing displays in Vision

Discussion created by KevinCaputo on Oct 9, 2020

I work in a regulated environment and there is concern among some that allowing users to share their displays will lead to problems. It is possible that a user could create a complex process diagram, map one of the value symbols to the wrong PI Tag, and then share it with the whole company, which may lead people to make decisions based on bad information. Or mix PI Tags with AF Attributes on the same display, leading to problems with Element Relative Displays. I have Vision 2017 R2, but I see with Vision 2020 that users can embed calculations, change the names of tags in trends, etc. This level of customization will definitely compound those concerns.


A couple options have been considered:

- Make everyone Explorers except a select few Publishers. But that prevents people from saving their own displays too.

- Set folder-level permissions and tell people to use those. This is OK but does not completely solve the issue since people can still share to the main screen


Is there a clever way to restrict users from sharing to certain AF identities, or otherwise prevent them from sharing displays without preventing them from saving their own?