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What are possible ways to share data between different companies

Question asked by BlueStar on Oct 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2020 by BlueStar

Company will receive data from its customer and send data back to its customer. The data is received from customer via excel files. Those files are non standard and contain real time data and lab data. It might/might not be associated with PI tags. Files come in various size and is irregular in frequency. Assume there are many more customers. What are best possible ways to exchange data between company and its customers? I know PI Cloud Connect is one option. PI Connector/Interface for UFL is another way. The objective is to develop a solution which is less intrusive to customers and much more efficient after receiving the files - reduce manual work with automatic update data into PI system with excel file (or some other ways). I think if a customer is willing to use PI Cloud Connect service, this is probably the best solution. What about those customers don't want to engage in PI Cloud Connect and still prefer to send data via excel unless we have a much better way to engage and empower them? The PI Connector/Interface for UFL is cumbersome in this case. It means that we need to write hundreds of ini files to handle non standard files.  It's very hard to ask customer sending standard excel files too since it will make customer to do more work than they currently do. What are other solutions so we can empower customers to onboarding their tags and data into company's PI System besides sending data via excel file? 


Appreciate your suggestions and comments.