OSi Pi licensing - for OPC DA interface query

Discussion created by Dhanenjey_Sundar on Oct 16, 2020

Hi, Im a newbie to PI sytem, 

We have a running,standalone Pi data archive server with license for 30k tags installed (2 years go). We have procured additional OPC DA INTERFACE license qty 3. Also we have procured additional license for 30k tags.


Query1 - Will i be getting the OPC DA interface license and additional 30 k tags licensein a single pilicense.dat file ?

Query2 - If i get 2 license files, can i install OPC DA pilicense.dat first ( overwrite the existing 30 k tag), followed by 30k tag license ( overwrite the OPC DA interface) ?

Query 3 - For PI OPCDA interface we have 3 licenses procured based on 3 instances required to run on primary interface and secondary interface. Is this understanding correct ?Thanks in advance.