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How do I modify a template path to match an element in a lower level than its original path?

Question asked by flavio_cesar on Oct 13, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2020 by flavio_cesar

I am using PI System Explorer to import a custom template that similarly matches our current database. 


(1) We have a template with a path that looks like this: (Template Name: WDM)

Path for IORADI-WDM1A:

Path A:  \\%Server%\ORG OPC UA Collector #1.%\Element%.2.%Element%.%Attribute% (works? YES)


Equivalent Path: 

Path B: \\%@OPC Prefix|Data Archive%\%@OPC Prefix%%@ Name%. %Attribute% (works? YES) 



(2) We are trying to accomplish the following using the same template: 

Path C: \\%Server%\ORG OPC UA Collector #1.%\Element%.2.%Element%.%Element.%Attribute% (works? NO




For (2), we wish to write a path for the attribute tags from element CDA such that our template finds these PI points.

This template has template attributes that match ALL attributes from CDA.


We are currently not able to accomplish this since Path C is not finding those PI points. I was thinking I could just assign an extra .%Element.% skip since it is located one lever below its original path, but apparently that does not work.


The template works for most elements without having to change its predefined path. 


The template has been imported from another database which matches almost all elements from the database you see on the screenshot. The only difference is that our OPC UA created some new child elements that do not match some of the predefined paths.


Let me know your recommendations. 


Thank you.