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Can PI Interface for UFL read this XML file?

Question asked by PLeão on Oct 13, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2020 by PLeão

Hi Everyone! I need some help here, Please!


Does anynone knows if PI Inteface UFL can relate attributes by position? In the example below I need read basicaly 3 informations:

TagName = <TitleString1>ELEMENTO</TitleString1>  & <ColumnTitle>Sensor 1 </ColumnTitle>                     <TitleString1>ELEMENTO</TitleString1>  & <ColumnTitle>Sensor 2 </ColumnTitle>

                    <TitleString1>ELEMENTO</TitleString1>  & <ColumnTitle>Sensor 3 </ColumnTitle>




                     <TitleString1>ELEMENTO</TitleString1>  & <ColumnTitle>Sensor N </ColumnTitle>


Timestamp = <Time>2020-09-15 13:06:26</Time> and others that appear.


Values = First Value that appears should be realated to Sensor 1, second Sensor 2...


In this case, my problem is that all sensors are inside <Column Title> and all values are inside <Cell> and I don't know how to relate this informations.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<EventType>Full Histogram</EventType>
<SampleRate>1024 sps</SampleRate>
<ColumnTitle>Sensor 1 </ColumnTitle>
<ColumnTitle>Sensor 2 </ColumnTitle>
<ColumnTitle>Sensor 3 </ColumnTitle>
<ColumnTitle>Sensor 4 </ColumnTitle>
<ColumnTitle>Sensor 5 </ColumnTitle>
<ColumnTitle>Sensor 6 </ColumnTitle>
<ColumnTitle>Sensor 7 </ColumnTitle>
<Time>2020-09-15 13:06:26</Time>
<Time>2020-09-15 13:06:41</Time>




Thanks a lot.