Making an ACE subroutine or function available to many ACE classes

Discussion created by cjrancur on Dec 26, 2012
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Can I make a separate vb.net project that consists of the methods I want to use, and then incorporate it into various ACE solutions for re-use?  I have a few functions and subroutines that would be generally useful for many of my programs, and I am getting tired of maintaining copies.  I don't want to see this maintenance molehill grow into a mountain.


In an ACE 2.0 class for vb.net, can I incorporate another project with my own general purpose functions and methods? Could it be done as an associated project that is linked with an ACE solution, or would I need to create a project as a dll and somehow link or register the dll to ACE?


A couple of years ago, there was a comment on this forum about making a library of ACE methods, whether subroutines or functions, that could be incorporated in different ACE classes. I cannot find the previous discussion any more. If you know how to find the previous thread, please let me know.


I'd appreciate ideas, and I'd especially appreciate step by step notes on how this can be accomplished.


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